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Based on our free SEO trial experience we create a Google TOP 10 promotion plan. It allows us to estimate your site potential and current industry rankings and a unique combination of on-site and off-site SEO techniques that we believe will suite your site rankings needs best of all. It is not something frozen and will be updated on a regular basis to ensure your dominance in rankings.

If you decide to choose us as a contractor for your further online promotion we will offer you pricing of our SEO services that is going to be determined based on your Google TOP 10 promotion plan. It's going to represent an estimatation how many hours will we have to spend on your site promotion for desired keywords.

For our new clients we recommend to start with promotion of 5-7 keywords for diferent pages of their websites. Generally promotion of some keywords brings other keywords ranking improvements. Improving link popularity for some pages of your site will bring so called link juice to other pages of your site and search engines will make them rank higher with every month of our promotion.

Thus investing in promotion of some keywords increases your site overall rankings. This means that the price you'll pay for promotion for initial keywords will bring you great results for several other keywords for free.

Based on our experience we created our SEO calculator that can provide you an approximate cost of the promotion.

Our guarantees

No SEO firm can guarantee that the measures they will fulfill in order to promote your site will bring you to Google TOP 10 within preset number of months. Here in uForward we can not promise this also. But what we can guarantee is that WE WILL CONTINUE PROMOTING YOUR SITE FOR FREE in case it does not reach search engines first pages within preset number of months described in our Google TOP 10 promotion plan.

This means that the continious link building and ranking changes analysis will take place FOR FREE until you keywords reach the first pages results.

With uForward you know in advance how much your promotion will cost. And not a single dime will have to be paid above.Can SEO cost be more predictable? We doubt it.

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