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Your industry and competitors research.

After the SEO audit of your site takes place, our approach to optimization and online promotion begins with a complete understanding of your market from a top down and then a bottom up approach. In order to understand your needs, we have to examine your industry as well as your current competitors and their SEO techniques and strategies.

Your industry market keyword intelligence.

First we start with your industry keyword research. We examine and provide you with the complete report of how many searches users request in search engines for your industry keywords. Then we evaluate the cost of these requests in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising systems and provide you with the most expensive (and thus most needed) keywords list. After we compare search volumes and advertising costs with competitors for these search requests, we get the list of keywords that are considered to bring the best of return on investment (ROI). This keywords list can be used to determine what search requests should you should use to start your online promotion.

Your current rankings.

Once we determine the list of keywords that you desire, we start daily tracking of your positions in all major search engines. A detailed report of your ranking changes will be provided to you weekly. The number of keywords is not limited, so you will get a clear picture of your present rankings and the history of their changes.

Your industry competitors SEO techniques.

After we determine the list of your targeted keywords we will get the list of your main competitors. We will start examining their SEO tactics and will be able to provide you with the report of their SEO actions and link building techniques. You will be able to see what keywords they emphasize their efforts and how do they do these promotions. This way we will be able to see what off-site SEO should be used in order to achieve their rankings and beat their positions.

These three steps complete our second section of our free SEO trial. Once it's done:

  • You will get a list of the keywords for your site that will rank well. You will also get the complete list of your competitors who buy Pay Per Click advertising with the list of keywords they purchase. This way you will be able to see how much your competitors spend on PPC on a monthly basis. Free!
  • You will start getting your free ranking report with a detailed picture of your current rankings as well as the history of their changes by day. These reports will be provided to you on a weekly basis and absolutely free.
  • You will get a free report of your main competitors' online promotions and link building methods with a clear picture how and where do they do their link building, what keywords do they promote most of all and how much do they invest in their SEO. Again, free of charge!

The main goal of this second step of our free SEO trial is to analyze the information we gathered during your website audit and your industry research. We will provide you with our vision of your SEO campaign: what keywords should your site be optimized for, what anchors should you use, what link building methods are used by your competitors brought them excellent results.

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