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Before we start link building and other off-site optimization steps we believe it's important to undertake a careful study of your website architecture and performance. This procedure can not be neglected because some rude site code errors and content related mistakes can make all future SEO promotion efforts useless. Please check out the most important things that we offer with our free website SEO audit when you submit a request for Free Seo Trial with us.

Act like search engines

Since your goal is to promote your site in search engines results pages (SERP) it's important to see how they crawl your site, what problems they face, how to improve indexation in order to make it fast and effective. You also want to know how to avoid a Google penalty for something prohibited. We perform your website audit as google or any other search engine would see it. Then we advise you to undertake some improvements if we see anything that will potentially harm your future promotion.

Site navigation and structure

Your site has to be search engine friendly to perform better. And global navigation and clear structure are the key factors of your on-site optimization. It should be easy for search engines to get into any part of your site via links from the main page. Search engines will explore second, third, and etc level pages without any delay every time they visit your website if ithe structure is designed in a right way. The kind of footer and header links do you use also helps to determine if search engines can get to some special parts of your site without any problem.

URL's lengths

Google and other search engines pay great attention to your URL's. The thing they examine include how they look, are they designed to be SEO friendly, their length, are there any keywords in your URLs and can they be considered as "spam URLs", are they static or dynamic, are session IDs included into URLs, and how many query parameters are there? We will check your site URLs and will offer you some improvements if their current structure influences your rankings or indexation in a bad way. We will also show you how to change your site URL's structure in a safe way to be sure these updates will not harm your rankings in the long run.

Content analysis

The content of your pages is the heart of your website. While search engines check your pages for keywords and determine what industry it belongs to, content analysis plays a very important role in website SEO audit. Is your site able to rank for your desired keywords? It should be indexable and be not overloaded with keywords. Your pages should be informative and differ from other pages and sections of your site. You should avoid using the same texts for different pages or use hidden texts that are meant to be for search engines only and invisible for your visitors. We will also question if different pages of your website can be considered useful and interesting for search engines and for possible visitors of your website. The pages should be large enough and contain at list a minimum number of words to make sure search engines believe they are useful. Your website pages should also have a reasonable number of out coming links. The anchors texts these links use play an important role in optimization and rankings of other pages of your site. Do you make use of ALT information for pictures and tags for videos? Do your images file names help your rankings?

Website code analysis

It's also important to pay attention to the code of your site. How it's developed, what scripts does it use, how their performance influences your rankings. If you use Java scripts and Ajax - do they allow search engines to crawl information of your pages without any problem? What kinds of redirects are implemented? Are your robot.txt files fine or there are some exclusions for search engines? Do you have XML sitemaps created? Are there any spider traps? Are you sure your session IDs work fine? Do you make use of regular or flash cookies? What are the sizes of your pages and their load speed? Do you make use of restricted access to any submission forms or some specific sections of your site?

Meta tags

Are the titles and descriptions of the pages developed in a right way? Are they attractive for visitors? Can they become bold in search engines result pages? How do they influence your traffic and optimization? Do you make use of the same meta info for different pages? What about Meta-robots tags? What are the best order for keywords to be placed into your title and description? All these questions are being asked by any webmaster who wants to enjoy better rankings. And during our SEO audit we examine this information with great attention to offer you the right combination of meta info before we offer you off-line search engine promotion.

Usability tests

Does your website encourage visitors to stay there longer or to visit more pages? Is there any chance a first time visitor will never come back to your site again? Can it be referred to other people by social bookmarking or added to favorites in a browser? These behavioral factors are also important for search engines to determine if your site is useful and interesting and if it should moved higher in rankings than others.

Search Engines accounts

Google offers webmasters its website analytics and webmaster tools. It allows several essential search engine factors to be examined and preset. Bing webmaster tool and Yahoo site auditor also offer some important website audit functions to be performed even before any promotions start to take place. We make sure that your site passes all the possible checks of these search engines before any off-site optimization and link building start.


Search engines are all focused on locality nowadays. Every search engine and the main social community offer search results based on user location. And if you are looking for visitors from some special areas or countries, or with specific languages your site should be targeted. This means that it has to inform search engines in several ways that it belongs and is designed for these specific areas. And we will make sure Google, Yahoo and Bing will know what visitors you are looking for.

As you can see the number of on-site factors that influence your website performance is impressive. And while you are focused on your everyday business processes we test your site for free and offer you essential improvements that will serve your future online promotion better. is ready to offer you this SEO audit completely FREE without any prepayment or any kind of obligation.

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